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Pencil Skirt - Striped

Three Piece Company’s Guide to must have Skirts in 2019-20

Mini Skirt : Inspired by the young women around her in London’s trendy Chelsea, Mary Quant began experimenting with hemlines in the early 1960s, rolling skirts at the waist and chopping them short. By 1964, she had created the thigh-grazing mini, so named after her favourite car. Now over the years, the mini skirt that was once a a product associated with liberating women now  has become one of the most staple fashion item there is.

Our take on the mini skirt has been varied over the 3 collections we have come up with so far, we have not just presented them as the staples they are but experimented with pockets and materials as well along with a skater skirt option for the summers.

Here are our offerings:

Midi Skirt: Perhaps one of the most covetable categories of skirts, in recent seasons is the Midi Skirt. Although, tracing back to its introduction to the world at large, in the late 1960s, it had a specific straight silhouette, which widened from the waist to four inches below the knee. It has come a long way from its turbulent initial years.  In today?s contemporary fashion terms, a Midi Skirt can fall anywhere from below the knee to a few inches above the ankle, in varying shapes. We offer a playful version of the same in our summer collection, with a scalloped waist-band, button-placket and pleats.

Here are our offerings:

Pencil Skirt: One of the most quintessential items in a working women?s wardrobe is this versatile skirt. ?The first pencil skirt was designed by Christian Dior as part of his ?H-line? collection of 1954.? Although due credit can also be given to other contemporary designers of the time, i. e. Cristobal Balenciaga. This skirt works for most body types as its seemingly straight silhouette puts emphasis on the hips and elongates the wearer?s legs. Since the 1950s, the Pencil Skirt has been a favourite amongst women, with hemlines going from the knee to the mid-calf according to changing trends. We have offered a number of versions of this classic, in our summer and winter collection; experimenting with edgy rivets and faux leather as well as different styles of fastening closures.

Here are our offerings:

Long Skirt: Fairly, one of the oldest kinds of skirts there is. The Long Skirt has been in trend and out since forever. But tracing it back some decades, it was in the 1960s that long skirts were being offered as a fashionable piece of clothing again. In the first days of 1970, longer skirt silhouettes were seen in several collections in Paris. They had another comeback in the mid-1990s in the form of Bohemian maxi skirts. This versatile item can be styled in endless ways; we offer a sleek, version of the same in our winter collection.

Here are our offerings:

Miscellaneous: Skirts come in all shapes and sizes and some skirts don’t fall in a defined category. It makes it even more fun to experiment with such pieces and match them with outfits in your own wardrobe. We offer a variety of such skirts with varying elements and silhouettes.

Here are our offerings:

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